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March 2014
25th International Conference on Social Sciences (ICOSS 2014) Colombo, Sri Lanka
27th ACERP2014 – The Fourth Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion and Philosophy Osaka, Japan
29th The Crypt(ic) New York, United States of America
April 2014
1st “Philosophy and the Challenges of K to 12” Baguio, Philippines
3rd LibrAsia – The Asian Conference on Literature and Librarianship Osaka, Japan
4th Mystics and Scientists 37: Consciousness and the Experience of Time Warwick, United Kingdom
6th International Conference for Academic Disciplines (Vienna) Vienna, Austria
6th 4th Global Conference: Living Responsibly Lisbon, Portugal
7th Deductive and Mathematical Cognition: Implications for Philosophy Bristol, United Kingdom
11th The Creativity Workshop in New York – April 11 – 14, 2014 New York, United States of America
12th 2014 3rd International Conference on Social Science and Humanity – ICSSH 2014 Seoul, Korea (south)
12th 2014 3rd International Conference on Language, Medias and Culture – ICLMC 2014 Seoul, Korea (south)
13th WEI Vienna International Academic Conference Vienna, Austria
21st ARCHHIST ’14: IV. History of Architecture Conference on Periods, Movements, Outsiders Istanbul, Turkey
24th Philosophers’ Rally 2014 Nijmegen, Netherlands
24th The Philosophical and Political Dimensions of NAFTA: examining 20 years of free trade Mexico City, Mexico
24th CONTEMP ART ’14: Contemporary Art Conference on New Approaches, New Techniques, New Materials Istanbul, Turkey
27th Veterans in Society: Humanizing the Discourse Roanoke, United States of America
29th Fourth International Conference on Religion and Spirituality in Society Costa Rica, Costa Rica
May 2014
1st World Research Festival 2014 Cebu City, Philippines
2nd 4th Global Conference: Femininities and Masculinites Lisbon, Portugal
3rd Conference on the Global University Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
6th 5th Global Conference: Experiencing Prison Lisbon, Portugal
7th 2014 International Conference on History Studies (ICHS2014) Nirjuli, India
7th ReClaiming Participation Zurich, Switzerland
7th International Lisbon Conference on Philosophy and Film: Thinking reality and time through film Lisbon, Portugal
8th 7th International Critical Theory Conference in Rome Rome, Italy
9th Psychoanalysis and Politics – Rhetorics of Power and Freedom of Thought – Voices of the ‘It’ and the ‘Over-I’ Budapest, Hungary
10th 5th Global Conference: Storytelling: Global Reflections on Narrative Lisbon, Portugal
10th 2nd International Symposium on Rethinking The Qur’an – Concepts and Terms in the Qur’an Ankara, Turkey
12th Reinventing Citizenship, 7th International Symposium Toronto, Canada
14th 2nd Global Conference:Transmedia: Storytelling and Beyond Lisbon, Portugal
15th I International Asian Congress Torun, Poland
15th The Poesis of Peace Gozd Martuljek, Slovenia
16th The future human image: Whom and How to educate in younger generation Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Kiev region, Ukraine
16th Hope, Betrayal and Trust, 1st International Symposium Toronto, Canada
18th WEI International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference in Bali Bali, Indonesia
20th Creating Characters, Inventing Lives: The Art of the Self, 1st International Symposium Toronto, Canada
21st 2014 International Conference on Humanity and Social Sciences – ICHSS2014 Paris, France
22nd 2nd Graduate Conference in International Political Theory – Political Evil St Andrews, United Kingdom
23rd The 4th Global Conference ‘Europe Inside-Out: Europe and Europeaness Exposed to Plural Observers’ Athens, Greece Athens, Greece
24th Speed, Silence and Solitude, 1st International Symposium Toronto, Canada
26th International Conference for Academic Disciplines (on the Harvard campus) Boston, United States of America
28th CFP – 4th Derrida Today Conference New York, United States of America
29th Bodies in Between: Corporeality and Visuality from Historical Avant-garde to Social Media Cluj-Napoca, Romania
30th The Secret in Contemporary Theory, Society and Culture Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom
30th International Interdisciplinary Conference “Challenges of Transition: the Post-communist Experience(s)” Bucharest, Romania
30th […] The Secret in Contemporary Theory, Society, and Culture Canterbury, United Kingdom
June 2014
9th Global Conference on LANGUAGE and INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – GLIT2014 Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
11th Twelfth International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities Madrid, Spain
12th ACSS2014 – The Asian Conference on the Social Sciences Osaka, Japan
14th Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society: a postgraduate conference London, United Kingdom
16th International Conference for Academic Disciplines (Barcelona 2014) Barcelona, Spain
17th Free Speech, Public Deliberation, and Global Affairs Tromsø, Norway
20th Sussex Phenomenology Graduate Conference Brighton, United Kingdom
23rd Language, Culture and Mind VI Lublin, Poland
25th EXTENDED DEADLINE: Cognition and Action: The Jagiellonian-Rutgers Conference in Cognitive Science 2014 (CogSciJR14) Krakow, Poland
25th Ninth International Conference on the Arts in Society Rome, Italy
26th LIT FICTION ’14: Literary Fiction Conference on Innovation, Difference, Irregularity Istanbul, Turkey
27th IABE 2014 Verona (Italy) Summer Conference – Research/Teaching Excellence in Business and Economics Verona, Italy
28th 11th International Conference of Management and Behavioural Sciences “An Interdisciplinary Conference” Calgary, Canada
30th International Conference for Academic Disciplines (Venice) Venice, Italy
July 2014
3rd 2014 3rd International Conference on Society, Humanity and History – ICSHH 2014 Plymouth, United Kingdom
3rd ECSS 2014 – The European Conference on the Social Sciences Brighton, United Kingdom
5th 7th Global Conference: Diasporas Oxford, United Kingdom
5th 3rd Global Conference: Apocalypse: Imagining the End Oxford, United Kingdom
7th Levinas Philosophy Summer Seminar Buffalo, United States of America
9th 1st Global Conference: Sacred Journeys: Pilgrimage and Beyond Oxford, United Kingdom
9th 7th Global Conference: Forgiveness Oxford, United Kingdom
11th The Wisdom of Music Hilo, United States of America
13th 9th Global Conference: Visions of Humanity in Cyberculture, Cyberspace and Science Fiction Oxford, United Kingdom
13th 1st Global Conference: Making Sense of: The Animal and Human Bond Oxford, United Kingdom
14th INSEP2014 Sexualities and Freedoms Ghent, Belgium
16th The Charles S. Peirce International Centennial Congress Lowell, United States of America
16th What has Athens to do with Jerusalem? Dialogue between Philosophy and Theology in the 21st Century Berkeley, United States of America
17th 6th Global Conference: Videogame Cultures and the Future of Interactive Entertainment Oxford, United Kingdom
17th 1st Global Conference: Deception Oxford, United Kingdom
21st 3rd Global Conference: Celebrity and Fandom Oxford, United Kingdom
21st 4th Global Conference: Images of Whiteness Oxford, United Kingdom
24th ECERP 2014 – The Inaugural European Conference on Ethics, Religion and Philosophy Brighton, United Kingdom
25th 3rd Global Conference: Sins, Vices and Virtues Oxford, United Kingdom
25th 12th Global Conference: Monsters and the Monstrous Oxford, United Kingdom
29th 1st Global Conference: Testimony: Memory, Trauma, Truth, Engagement Oxford, United Kingdom
31st Does God Play Dice? Randomness & Divine Providence Pasadena, United States of America
August 2014
6th 2014 International Conference on World Congress of Social Sciences – WCOSS 2014 Singapore, Singapore
11th Free Will and Moral Responsibility Summer School Moscow, Russian Federation
28th 2014 2nd Journal Conference on Social Science and Humanity (JCSSH 2014 2nd) Taipei, Taiwan
30th 3rd Global Conference: Body Transformations Oxford, United Kingdom
30th 3rd Global Conference: Sport Oxford, United Kingdom
September 2014
2nd International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conferences on Social Sciences and Arts Albena, Bulgaria
2nd Re-Imagining (the) Olympics Oxford, United Kingdom
3rd International Symposium on Philosophy of Library and Information Science: Ethics: Theory and Practice Kastamonu, Turkey
3rd 5th Global Conference: Space and Place Oxford, United Kingdom
3rd Philosophy, Analysis and Public Engagement – Eleventh National Conference of the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy (SIFA) L’Aquila, Italy
3rd 1st Global Conference: Augmentation Oxford, United Kingdom
5th Portuguese Congress of Philosophy Lisbon, Portugal
7th Language, Individual and Society 2014, 8th International Conference Elenite Holiday Village, Bulgaria
7th 3rd Global Conference: Time, Space and Body Oxford, United Kingdom
8th Socio-int14- International Conference on SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES Istanbul, Turkey
11th 8th Global Conference: Fear4, Horror and Terror: Rituals, Myths and Symbolism Oxford, United Kingdom
11th V. European Conference on Social and Behavioral Sciences St Petersburg, Russian Federation
11th First WINIR Conference 2014 London, United Kingdom
11th Memory: Forgetting and Creating Gdansk, Poland
15th 3rd Global Conference: Food Oxford, United Kingdom
15th 6th Global Conference: Fashion Oxford, United Kingdom
18th The IAFOR North American Conference on the Arts and Humanities 2014 Providence, United States of America
18th Ties and Knots. Bridges between Lands and Cultures Ustron, Poland
18th Spirit of the Times: Society, Science and Everyday Experience – 3rd International Interdisciplinary Student Conference (IISC2014) Ljubljana, Slovenia
19th A Fiend in the Furrows – Perspectives on ‘Folk Horror’ in literature, Film & Music Belfast, United Kingdom
20th 4th Global Conference: Beauty Oxford, United Kingdom
24th 5th Global Conference: Digital Memories Oxford, United Kingdom
24th 4th Global Conference: Gender and Love Oxford, United Kingdom
24th Rit Conferences: Post-Modernity and Alternate Paradigms New Delhi, India
28th The International Library symposium Gold Coast, Australia
October 2014
2nd Semiotic Society of America 39th Annual Meeting Seattle, United States of America
10th Free Will Flint, United States of America
12th IABE 2014 Las Vegas Fall Conference – Research / Teaching Excellence in Business and Economics Circus Circus Hotel, Las Vegas, United States of America
23rd PHILHIST ’14 / History of Philosophy Conference on “Interactions in the History of Philosophy” Istanbul, Turkey
23rd Architectural and Urban Research, Education, and Practice in the Era of ‘Post-Professionalism’ Kyrenia, Cyprus
29th Reconceptualizing Diversity: Engaging with Histories, Theories, Practices, and Discursive Strategies in Global Contexts Toronto, Canada
November 2014
11th Traverses: J.M. Coetzee in the World Adelaide, Australia
13th LOCAD ’14 / LOCAL ADMINISTRATION AND URBAN PLANNING TRACK of CUI ’14 on Sustainable Life of the City and Social Concerns of Urban Development Istanbul, Turkey
December 2014
August 2015
24th ENCLS/REELC 6th biennial congress Dublin and Galway, Ireland

Call for Papers: ‘Derrida Today’ in NYC

July 3rd, 2013  |  by . Published in News

derrida today conference

Derrida Today is both a journal and conference founded in 2008. They are now accepting papers for the 2014 conference to be held May 28-31 in New York City at Fordham university. Submissions are due October 1, 2013.

From their website:

The Derrida Today Conference will focus on the ongoing value of either Derrida’s work, or deconstruction, to the political-ethical, cultural, artistic and public debates and philosophical futures that confront us.

The conference will be broadly interdisciplinary and invites contributions from a range of academic, disciplinary and cultural contexts. We will accept papers and panel proposals on any aspect of Derrida’s work, or deconstruction, in relation to various topics and contemporary issues, such as: philosophy, phenomenology and other theoretical/philosophical thinkers, literature, psychoanalysis, architecture and design, law, film and visual studies, haptic technologies, photography, art, music, dance, embodiment, feminism, race and whiteness studies, disability studies, politics, ethics, sociology, cultural studies, queer theory, sexuality, education, science (physics, biology, medicine, chemistry), IT and multimedia, technology, etc. We also accept papers that engage in the spirit of deconstructive thought (if not on Derrida or deconstruction itself).

Due dates for Abstracts and Panel Proposals: 1st October 2013 (notification of acceptance of abstracts will be at the end of Oct 2013). Individual Abstracts & Panel Proposals should be sent as an attachment to
Get more info at the Derrida Today website.


Foucault and Religion

IRCM – University of Lausanne

Sponsored by the

Association pour le Centre Michel Foucault.

Proposed date : October 22, 23, 24 2014

As the publication of his lectures at the Collège de France confirms, Michel Foucault often digressed into domains not normally explored by the philosopher of knowledge and power. He was just as much interested in Antique spirituality, the history of early Christianity, Christian asceticism, contre-conduites movements, the question of religious margins or the relationship between politics and religion, which Foucault built on the notion of “political spirituality” in the wake of the Iran events, as he was in prisons, asylums or discourse analysis.

His career-long concern for these issues requires, thirty years after his death, that we return to these themes in order to understand their position in his thinking but also to identify the ways in which Foucault’s work allows for renewed questioning and conceptualizations of religion. How does he mobilize religion? What function does Foucault grant it in his theoretical constructions?

The conference’s aim will be to document and discuss Foucault’s proximity (but also his necessary distance) to religion, to review the different sites where religion in one way or another plays a role. Christianity, but also Western non-Christian religions. Foucault was interested in other religious universes: Judaism (1978 and 1980 lectures), Islam, and Zen Buddhism. Moreover, Foucault’s relationship with religion may also be studied in light of the role played by literature, with authors such as Blanchot, Bataille, Klossowski (as well as Beckett, Roger Laporte, Sade). Authors who led him to reflect on the death of God, on discourse’s unspeakableness and on mystical discourses. The question of the relationship between religion and sexuality is equally essential: flesh, body, sin, pleasure. Possession as well…

Thus, the conference will attempt to define the relationship between these various sites but without postulating the existence of a unique guiding thread that would necessarily lead from the one to the other and whose existence would yield the key to the whole’s synthetic cohesion.

The conference will be organized according to the following themes (though these are not exclusive):

I. Antique spirituality.

On the basis of his reading of Antique philosophy, Foucault provides in his final texts an analytics of subjectivation practices, of which the hermeneutics of the subject is but a particular form. The latter appears as a form of specific knowledge implying a transformation of the self. A transformation which can take various forms and various practical modalities: techniques of spiritual concentration, recollection of utterances, formation of self by means of reading, writing, examination practices, etc.

II. Religion and Modernity.

As early as the History of Madness, Foucault questions our modernity, granting religion a key role. He notes for instance that the subjectivation of Western man is Christian and not Greco- Roman.  It  is  likewise  linked  to  the  issue  of  confession,  and  to  the  break  this  practice establishes when it becomes mandatory in the XIIth  century. In a number of texts, Foucault ascribes an important place to the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation which by turns question and intensify pastoral power… One might then wish to analyze the way in which

Foucault takes up, but also shifts, the Nietzschean and Weberian question of modernity.

III. Religion and resistance.

This third theme provides the occasion to return to the question of « political spirituality » by way of Foucault’s « minor texts » – interviews and press articles, in particular those produced after his return from Iran in 1978. More generally, it will deal with the relationship between politics and religion which Foucault worked on with the notion of « pastoral power » he constructs in his 1977-78 lecture.

Besides  Iran,  one  might  mention  Tunisia,  Brasil  and  especially  Poland  in  1982.  While Foucault is more careful in qualifying religiously the Polish movement, it is in fact an instance of political spirituality.

The study of governmentality he begins in 1978 allows him to return to the more general question  of  Christianity  as  government  of  the  living  (techniques  of  confession,  of examination, of spiritual direction). His strategic history of Christianity addresses the question of  the  State  and  modern  governmentalities  from  the  perspective  of  a  pastoral  power constituted as its prehistory and matrix. One might wish to mention the case of anti-pastoral revolts in this context.

IV. History of religions and Foucault.

The final theme will explore the position Foucault occupies today in the disciplines that deal with religion(s). Have his theories and methods allowed a renewal of the conceptual frameworks that generally structure reflexions on religion? Is he an author who revolutionized

the study of religion, and how ? Can we trace a parallel with the influence Discipline and Punish and its focus on institutions and techniques of social control exercised over historians of justice and those who study ecclesiastical disciplinary procedures?

Foucault is undoubtedly a fundamental author, his notion of discourse and his way of conceptualizing the relationship between knowledge and power, in particular in his critique of Orientalism, are widely used. Further possible points of interest include his 1980 lectures on the evolution of theology and baptismal liturgy in the first two centuries C.E. and the role of Gnosis in his analyses.

Scholars who wish to contribute to the conference should send the organizers a title and a  short  outline  (c.  300  words).  Proposals must  provide the  name of  the  presenter, position held and institutional affiliation, in English or in French, and should be sent no later than November 15 2013.

Jean-François Bert :

Scientific Advisory Board (and Organization Committee) :

Julien Cavagnis ; Jean-François Bert ; Philippe Artières ; Frédéric Gros ; Christian Grosse ; Nicolas Meylan ; Luca Paltrinieri : Philippe Chevallier.



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